How To Make Amigurumi Cute Lamb

How To Make Amigurumi Cute Lamb

Amigurumi cute lamb construction Recently, the most interesting crafts are amigurumi toys. Our mothers prefer amigurumi toys for their children Among the models they make as an order for many of their friends is the lamb decigurumi toy.

You can make Amigurumi cute lamb model as a sleeping companion, playmate for your children. It will be the most beautiful gift as a gift.

Its construction provides you with a lot of convenience with video narration. I am already sending my wishes to everyone who wants to do it very easily.

How to make amigurumi cute lamb
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Let’s make a magic ring and put 6 frequent needles in it. in the 2nd row, we apply a double frequent needle. In total, we get 12 frequent injections. In the next row, we apply a single pair of frequent needles. The number of loops becomes 18. we continue by making 2 single pairs. 3 we make a single pair. We complete the number of loops as 24. 4 When we reach the end of a single double row, our number of loops becomes 36. Let’s knit 2 rows in the same way. Let’s knit 5 and increase 1 by 5. For example, make a pair, our number of loops becomes 42. Let’s knit 2 rows in the same way. We are making the last increase, let’s make 6 odd 1 even. After that, we do the patty process. You can apply the amigurumi construction by watching the video narration. A total of 5 video lectures are waiting for you. Good luck.

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You can apply amigurumi cute lamb construction with video narration by watching it here.


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