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How to Make a decorative box vase DIY

How to Make a decorative box vase DIY

We present the decorative box vase construction to you as a recycling idea with great visuals that you can use as a vase or hidden in our do-it-yourself corner. You can use whatever materials you have to decorate, which is easy to make. Depending on your preference and the area you will use, the decoration harmony may vary.

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Decorative box vase preparation
You can use whatever box we have.

The use of paint

Adhesive stone tape

Crystal stone tape

Inline half pearl

Use of jute rope

Hot rope use

Preparation: Let’s do the edge detail with jute rope, using hot silicone, we use adhesive stones. Let’s continue with the use of rope, sequential pearl, turn the box to the upper part and continue with the use of rope, sticky stone, rope and pearl for the remaining part. Likewise, we also apply decorations to the cover. For its detailed construction, we follow the video narration. Good luck with..

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Decorative box vase preparation VIDEO LIST


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