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How to Make Carrot Shaped Crochet Pattern

How to Make Carrot Shaped Crochet Pattern

Crochet motif patterns can be preferred in all areas. We offer you carrot motif creation as an easy and cute motif.

It can be used in newborn baby shower decorations, as a motif in baby parties, and in baby knitting ornaments. It is also very suitable for decorative knitting and as a closet ornament motif .

We will use our motif to decorate our baby dress pattern. Friends who want to see the latest version, you can write to us in the comments section of the video. You can be sure that you will encounter a very cute visual.
For materials;

We used two colors of yarn, one for taproot and one leaf. Depending on the area to be used, the rope preference may change. We preferred orange and green yarn of baby wool in the video. We used 3.5 mm crochet needle in line with the thickness of the rope. Be careful to choose the thickness suitable for your rope.

We recommend you to use vivid, vibrant and bright colored threads, especially when decorating baby knits. In this way, your work will look more showy, polished and pleasing to the eye.
You can find many fruit and vegetable motifs as images and videos on our site and our Youtube channel. You can also find floral motifs, cute animal motifs. It is possible to apply easily by watching the videos. You can choose any motif and easily make it by following the steps.

You can check our website and Youtube channel and find different and beautiful patterns. Please do not forget to like and support our videos with comments. You can contact us in a short time from the comments at the points where you are stuck, and you can find answers to your questions.


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