How to Begin Beginning Baby Handle (From the beginning to the end) – children's vests mesh

How to Begin Beginning Baby Handle (From the beginning to the end) – children's vests mesh

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Do not forget to like our Facebook Page Practical Writers We explain in detail the reasons why our videos on our YouTube channel are loved by you as much as you can from the beginning to the end, as evidenced by the beautiful comments we have received. Even those who do not know how to weave can easily follow their videos by following our videos. By continuing this tradition, you will not find such a detailed narration anywhere. In this videomuz, we have prepared a videomuzu titled How to make a baby yeley, starting from our knitting models.

To give a brief information about this child weave knitting model;
The yarn we use is a Snowflake Spotted Baby cord. You only need 1 (one) for this vest. So we will use 1 (one) yarn for this weave.

You can use it as the skewer, the 4th skewer or the 4th skewer as well. If you use a spoonful, you can have a more comfortable mesh, but it can be wrapped normally. We used both normal and prescription swabs in this video.

We start with 68 stitches with normal skewers. After pulling the 68 stitches, we will cut 5 rows of hosoya with a flat knitting machine on the front and 68 percent on the back. We can see that the starting extension is the front side when the yarn is on the left side. We will make the divisions of our vanguard after 68 threads hung 5 rows straight. At this stage, we are on the front side and our starting yarn is on the left side. At first we knit 10 loops flat. Then we fill our yarn once, we take one yarn straight and we fill it once more. Then we will have 12 stitches. We recommend that you follow these steps through your video. You can watch your video for more. By the way, we know you like your video and you will not forget to share it 🙂

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How to Begin Beginning Baby Handle (From the beginning to the end) – children's vests mesh


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