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Hello Kitty Backpack Crochet

Hello Kitty Backpack Crochet

Hello, we are in front of you with the most beautiful bag construction. Hello kitty backpack making How about making the most beautiful backpack for little ladies when the holiday is approaching?

Since the health of the hands of the sheriff from here on has offered us this stylish bag, the bag detail for girls is quite important for them to use with love. You can easily make a hello kitty bag that you can make cheaper with your manual labor by watching the video narration.

You can choose Hello kitty backpack model in different colors. You can make sure it matches your clothes. Or you can apply the same shades. I recommend you to make this backpack for our mothers with daughters, I really like it, I already wish it would be easy for our friends who want to make it, I wish the little ones to use it on the best days, I wish you to be together again in the new video narrations goodbye.

Hello Kitty Backpack Making

4 Colors of rope were used.
Baby wool is preferred. You can choose the rope you want.
2.20mm crochet usage, you can choose the crochet that is prone to your hand.
Fiber or bead fiber preference
First of all, let’s start our model with a large part, pull 11 chains and immerse it in 2 chains and make a frequent needle. let’s do 9 frequent injections, let’s do 3 frequent injections in the same place. Then let’s make 8 frequent injections on the other side of the chain that we pulled. At the end, there is only one chain, let’s make

2 frequent injections into it, there have been 22 frequent injections in total.

In turn, we have reached 1 pair, 8 frequent needles, 3 pairs, 8 frequent needles,

2 pairs of needles for a total of 28 frequent needles,

We double-dip the needle with the same frequency, making an increase of

3 rows. In total, we reach 34 frequent injections. 4th place

1 pair, 2 frequent needles, 1 pair, 10 frequent needles, 1 pair, 2 frequent needles ( repeat 2 times ) 1 pair, 11 frequent needles, 1 pair, 1 frequent needle in this order we reach 40 frequent needles.
In this way, we knit 40 rows with increments. Then we make the lacing holes and finish this part. We make the hello kitty theme with the hanger part and the close part and do the stitches and finish our bag. You can apply it by watching our video for a detailed description. Good luck.

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Hello Kitty Backpack Making VIDEO LECTURE


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