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Five Skewer Socks Pattern Free

Five Skewer Socks Pattern Free

Five knit socks pattern free dowry and a great knitting socks pattern for those who order, we offer you with pictures and video narration.

An elegant knitting pattern for those looking for a five-knit socks pattern. It will be very useful for you to have video narration for you.

Booties and socks are a must for our ladies. It is among the handicrafts that our elders knit during the winter. It is the knitting technique which is also knitted by our ladies and made to the dowries of their daughters.

On our page there are quite a lot of socks and booties patterns. You can find a lot of knitted booties on our page. Wishing to be together again in the new knitted socks patterns goodbye ..

Five Skewer Socks Pattern Free

Suitable for 38/39 feet.

5 pieces of socks needles 3 numbers

1 Ball of yarn

Use of crochet

Pattern starts from the wrist part. Let’s start with 56 stitches, each bottle comes with 14 stitches. We apply the Harasho technique. Let’s knit a total of 3 teeth harasho. Let’s knit 3 rows of plain weave, we do 3 rows of haraşo and we do the wrist part. For a detailed description of the pattern, you can watch our video. I wish to make it easy for our friends who already wish to do.

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Five Skewer Socks Pattern Free VİDEO

We would like to thank Orgu hayatım_ channel for this beautiful boot pattern.

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