Etamin Towel Processing

Etamin Towel Processing

How to process tiny tulips on a towel towel? We have prepared a beautiful video narration for you, our precious followers.

Especially for dowry-made terry towel processing techniques, the tulip model of the girls we’ve told you will be very good for dowry. Etami technique with the other name of the cross-stitch will be a nice nice towels.

It will be most meaningful to give your handmade gift to your friend as a gift for your wedding gift, dowry and wedding. You can add a different visuality to your bathroom by processing beautiful tulips in towel models using different colors of rope.

We will continue with towel processing techniques according to your requests. Hope to be together again in the best models of etamine processing.

Etamin Towel Processing

Etamin needle and scissors

Rope preference in the colors we want

Double needle technique was applied.

We do the double needle technique for the lower part. We go through four stitches and go down diagonally. We’re doing three empty holes in the middle. In this way, the lower part of the double needle technique we have made the ground part is ready to apply the tulip model. For detailed construction, you can watch the video narration. Good luck with.

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Etamin Towel Processing video lecture


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