Embroidered Baby Vest Pattern

Embroidered Baby Vest Pattern

Embroidered Baby Vest Pattern
Hello canimanne.com followers
We say hello to you with our embroidered baby vest pattern. If the cold has started, how about creating a pattern of beautifully embroidered baby vests for those who love knitting crafts?
Our mothers who have daughters can easily make an embroidered vest that you will like very much by watching a video. If you like crochet, you will find our patterns quite tasteful.
As a gift, we can say that the pattern is the most beautiful vest pattern that expectant mothers will love very much. Embroidered will be indispensable for girls and mothers of girls who keep their visual appearance quite stylish.
Our sample of embroidered vests with patterns for grandmothers, great-grandmothers, grandchildren is waiting for you.
We have video lectures for our friends who are eager to learn new things. You can easily learn in detail, you will benefit from the video narration.
Do not forget about your likes and shares to see you in new beautiful patterns.
Details of the embroidered Baby vest pattern
Embroidered Baby Vest Pattern
Cream rope color option you can evaluate your remaining rope, the choice of rope is up to you
Crochet rope suitability may vary depending on your rope.
Starting from the collar varies according to the tightness of your hand from 1 year to 80 years starting as a chain
Prevents two pieces of 15 chains
The handles are two pieces of 15 chain
There are 20 chains left for one piece of back.
We have a pattern that is easy to adjust its size and smallness, which is continued by calculating.
Click on our link for baby vests, braids, crochet, baby braids and canimanne.com you can reach the desired pattern by visiting our page.


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