Easy Tunisian Baby Vest Pattern

Easy Tunisian Baby Vest Pattern

Easy Tunisian Baby Vest Pattern

Easy tunisian job Pattern baby vests
Hello, friends of canimanne, In this video we tried to tell you about our Tunisian business baby vest, which we have included all the details from start to finish. We have tried to explain it in the smallest details, but without boring you, in a way that anyone who knows how to knit, does not know how to learn, or intends to learn, can easily do. I hope it was a useful narration.

We have prepared our vest in 1 year old sizes. But since we are not talking about the number of loops, you can knit it suitable for all ages. By using the size table, you can adjust the number of loops in the dimensions corresponding to the desired age, and you can adapt it to the desired age, both small and large.
We put baklava slices on the front of our vest, but we didn’t fill it in. To decorate its interior, you can make either knitted motifs or processing techniques. Also for different motifs and processing ideas canimanne.com you can browse our site or the videos section of our YouTube channel.
Our vest can be adapted to both girls and boys by changing the shape of the ornament. You can also use it without processing.

You can send us your questions and comments about the video by contacting us in the comments section of our video and on our canimanne Instagram page.

We are certainly waiting for your feedback.

I’m already telling friends who want to do it to make it easy. If you want more people to see the baby braids you have made, please add the @canimannecom tag when sharing. For any questions or suggestions, please comment below.


Easy tunisian business baby vest making Video Narration from beginning to end


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