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Easy tassel knitting bag pattern

Easy tassel knitting bag pattern

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Easy tassel knitting bag pattern How to knit a very useful bag pattern for summer? Tassel detailed bag pattern for our young girls you can do with the color option you want.

Tassel details can be more colorful with bead details. Or with the use of light color rope for summer, you can use it more harmoniously for a lot of clothes.

Anyone who wants to weave the video narration can easily learn. Video narratives are very useful. We think it is an unmissable bag model for crochet lovers. It will be a great gift for your loved ones. Hope to be together again in new knitting techniques

Easy tassel knitting bag pattern

Consists of 2 parts motif.

Cotton rope was preferred.

3 mm crochet selection

We start with the magic ring. We’re injecting eight times into the ring. Let’s close our ring. 3 Let’s pull the chain and make a double railing. Let’s get two points at each point and make a double railing. 3 We create corner parts of the handrail application motif. We bring the desired size of the motif by increasing the chain by pulling the chain between them. We make the handle and tassel details. You can do this by watching the video narrative for detailed construction. Good luck with..

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Easy tassel knitting bag pattern video


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