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Easy lady knit booty pattern free video

Easy lady knit booty pattern free video

Easy lady knit booty pattern free video

hello to everyone, we have prepared for you two skewed path model is very stylish model and bi very easy to get the hands of the first time even if you think you can do it very easily

The materials required for the path are two color wool 5.5 no bottles
For smaller or larger foot numbers, you can increase or decrease the two loops for each foot number.

I’ve built just after we started our loop with 32 external haros shoes 14 to 19, as well as double tire 14 after the tire as well as we did two in a row from the right and left of the cut cut the noose loop 2 loop 4 Total remaining gathered with the help of my needle as we planted we planted and then we made our last bows bow powder pink heel loop the rope we started with 10 We 7 We ip a sequence number from the middle of the bow shape by wrapping a thick rope our rope of fairly thinner by watching our video if you prefer to vary the IP numbers of the loop positive comments about the video, so that we can do together necessarily expect your appreciations or negative if you want to inform your friends of this work in your own Time Tunnel to share know also canimanne’s new videos if you want to watch first you canimanne youtubetv channel you can subscribe to the server we love you very much goodbye


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