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Easy Crochet Block Blanket Tutorial (Eng. Subt.)

Easy Crochet Block Blanket Tutorial (Eng. Subt.)

I have also prepared a colorful baby blanket with an easy-to-make example.
This example is as easy to use as you can easily use in your home.
You can use this example not only in blankets but also in your products such as berets, cardigans, vests.
I used baby wool which does not have hair in this veil I prepared in 90×90 size, but you can convert it to a product like a seat belt by enlarging the size
If you apply a desired side edge to the side of the knotted parts from the yarn exchange, you can get a very clean image.
I continue to prepare many easy and flashy examples like this for you. Please stay tuned If you have not subscribed to the channel yet, you can subscribe free by clicking on Subscribe
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Easy Crochet Block Blanket Tutorial (Eng. Subt.)


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