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Easy Crochet Baby Dress

Easy Crochet Baby Dress

Easy crochet baby dress how to lean a beautiful pattern with the question we say hello to you. We have prepared a beautiful crochet dress suitable for summer and we hope you will love it.

What do you say you can do to dress up for girls? Dresses for little ladies who can be used in weddings and daily life will be very nice. Summer means weddings and meetings. Our model is suitable for mothers who like to wear elegant dresses and adoring mothers.

You can think of white as the color if you plan to make our easy crocheted dress model for special occasions. It will be ideal for a wedding with a beautiful knit crown detail. Both handcrafted and the price of 2 ips will be the owner of the dress. Hope to be together again in new knitting models.

Easy Crochet Baby Dress

The dress model is suitable for babies between 6 and 9 months.

2 cotton ip (105 mt and 50) grams

1 Pcs button

3.5 Number crochet was preferred.

First starting with robin. Let’s add 76 chains plus 4 chains. Let’s dive into 5 chains and do a double handrail. Let’s make 10 baskets in total. Don’t forget to make the buttonhole for the back. Let’s pull two chains and form a corner, and we’re 18. Let’s take two chains again and create a corner with 20 handles. Let’s pull two chains again and make 18 handrail for corner formation. We made two chain and corner part and we made 10 handles and prepared the roba part.

Let’s continue to run on each of the rail racks. We are doing the process of increasing the corner portion we have created. In this way, the process of increasing the robots and finish the railings, we set up the sample. You can follow the video in detailed narration. Good luck with.

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Easy Crochet Baby Dress video lecture


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