Easy Beret Construction with Beret Apparatus

Easy Beret Construction with Beret Apparatus

One of the first necessities when winter is approaching is berets and scarves. Today we made a very easy beret description with the help of an apparatus. Even a person who never knits can easily knit it.

Even children can knit it.

You can use such a quick and easy Pattern at hand value and temperature, make a gift or even sell it. In the video, we told you all the details from beginning to end.

Our apparatus can now be found in almost all haberdashery and hobby shops. Although if you say that you don’t want to buy it, you can also do it yourself with the appropriate size nails nailed to a wood.

It is made in a really short time and it is very easy. We begin by winding our rope in a regular way on the nails around the circle. The thicker the rope, the more beautiful the result will be.

We proceed in the same way, continuing to the desired length . In the last part, we complete our beret by passing the rope to the end loops and making it shrink.

You can find many beret Patterns suitable for the season by browsing our website. When applying Beret Patterns, you can adjust it by measuring if the person is with you. If not, you can use the cm measurements in the beret measurement table.

I already wish you ease in what you will do. If you have any details in mind, you can write to us in the comments section under the video.

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Your comments are very valuable to us so we are trying to respond as quickly as possible. We wish it would be easy for all knitting lovers already.


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