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Do your own Mother’s Day present

Do your own Mother’s Day present

The best gift on Mother’s Day will be the most precious gift we have made by ourselves.

We have decided to offer you the most beautiful video narration, and I hope you will make the most beautiful gift.

How would you like to have the most beautiful gift for the most beautiful mother with your children?

Do your own Mother’s Day present

Different materials were used for each video narration. Which gift you want to do you can take his materials.

Matchboxes will help us in making jewelry boxes.

Do your own Mother’s Day present turkish video narration

Eva is making heart with paper and you can make it in the form of a mini notepad magnet that you can keep your mother’s recipe or various note at the bottom.

How to Make Flowers with Eva Paper and Pipette

You can still make flowers with my mom note with my dear love you with eva paper.

Jewelry box making

Small Drawers from Match Boxes

Bracelet Making with Crystal Stone and Chain

Pearls, Flower, Decorative Decorative Mirror Set

Heart Keychain Making

Glasses case construction

Decorative Vase Making from Plastic Spoon

Making note holder with latch


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