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Diagonal Baby Booties Pattern for Free

Diagonal Baby Booties Pattern for Free

We offer you a very stylish baby booties pattern which you can make diagonal baby pattern in free arc colors and different ornament details.

We offer you the sandal pattern that can add a difference to the booties pattern that completes the baby clothes. Girls and boys to apply the beautiful cross-sandals pattern you can know you wish to do;

Knitted vest, cardigan, or poncho patterns in accordance with the color tone of the booties pattern, you can also choose to dress your baby.

The booties pattern can be considered for four seasons. You can use it easily when applied with color and rope preferences. Don’t forget to visit our page for winter, and our booties patterns for summer are available. Goodbye to the most stylish booties pattern

Diagonal Baby Booties Pattern for Free

Suitable for 1/2 age.

Cotton thick rope was preferred.

Number 2 crochet preference

Ready base can be used.

Double sole was preferred.

Silicone use

2Pcs wooden button, for sewing needle, scissors

The base length is 14 centimeters. 23 Let’s start by pulling the chain, 9 inches in inches. A total of 13 frequent injections. Let’s make 7 double railings around the crochet once and make 7 railings again into the single remaining chain.

We’re going to the opposite side of each chain into a pair of 7 handrail. We’re giving 13 frequent injections. Close to the end point with 3 frequent needles and slide technique. We are in second place and we have two chains and 20 double handrails. In the same way, we complete our base by making a jump. You can make a double from the same base.

We combine two soles and crochet with different color rope. We finish by applying the rear heel detail and cross sections. For detailed construction, you can apply the video by watching the narrative.

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Diagonal Baby Booties Pattern for Free video


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