Derya Baybak Baby Knitting Patterns

Derya Baybak Baby Knitting Patterns

As we approach the end of the summer months, winter preparations have started these days, summer sweaters have been gradually shelved and winter sweaters, scarves and berets have started to be placed in the closets. In addition to these winter preparations, there are also various knitting patterns that housewives knit. In order to protect babies from the cold in winter, the preference of the ladies who started knitting the appropriate types of braids for them is in favor of Derya Baikal baby knitting patterns.

The most preferred patterns among the Deckal knitting patterns of Derya are beret and vest patterns. The patterns of these vests and berets are quite easy to make. The ladies use the strawberry beret pattern as the beret pattern for the girls. When you start making a beret pattern, you first pull out and add 5 chains. there are 18 double handrails in the pattern. 3. Double-dipping each loop in the second row. Next, you sink a single loop into 1 loop, a double loop into 1 loop, and you create a double handrail pattern. You knit 12 rows, decoupling in between. We make a double handrail pattern with 3 rows of yesil rope. After the third row, the pattern is made fromthe reverse side of the braid, one by one sinking into each loop and making 4 frequent needle patterns. you pull 8 chains and twist the straight side of the braid.

You stick it in the needle a lot. After turning the reverse side again, 8 yesil double handrails are attached with a needle from the top to the junction of the red and green rope. 1 chain is pulled, you go down with a pattern of 8 double handrails. skip 3 loops and make 4. You attach a tight needle to the loop, turn the opposite side of the braid and draw 4 tight needle patterns and 8 figs by sinking one into each loop. You turn the straight side of the braid and turn the reverse side again. you need to pull 3 chains and make 1 double handrail pattern.

You remove the loop from the crochet and pull the idle loop out of the bottom of the slice on the side, sinking the crochet through the second loop. 6 the operations in the previous slice of the binary handrail pattern are patterned. The pattern is repeated until the turn is over. 4 frequent rows of patterns complete the beret. You can also use the same pattern on your boys by patterning them with simpler colors. Derya Baikal baby knitting patterns are extremely easy to pattern. By choosing one of these easy patterns, you can easily prevent your babies from getting cold in winter.


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