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Daisy shawl pattern

Daisy shawl pattern

Daisy wrap pattern is stylish and beautiful in all seasons we will use the theme of chamomile flowers used in this beautiful shawl construction we offer to your liking.

The shawl models that complement our ladies’ clothes are always a useful accessory. It is a must in our shelf closet which we prefer in invitations that fit a lot of clothes or used on cool summer evenings.

Chamomile flowers are preferred as one color. You can choose the color that suits your clothes as a single color. Personal preferences may vary.

We can say that the most beautiful shawl model can be made within the dowry of our girls. We can call it a shawl model that can go on especially in wedding dresses. For our friends who want to do video narration will be quite useful. I wish I could come easy already. GOODBYE..

Daisy shawl pattern

Triangle shawl pattern should start from long edge and decrease. It is built on a double number. Daisies are complemented in two rows.

Alize angora silvery rope was preferred. You can use different rope.

You can choose from 3 numbers crochet selection, prone to your hand.

Plastic ring (5 packs used)

We start with 8 rings. Our first ring into a double railing do we have three handles and pull the chain to make a frequent needle of the first leaf of the daisy we have done, again pull the chain and again we’re doing three railing. We have made three leaves we make spider model not long enough to make two spiders in a row and take the other ring again the same leaves of the daisy are formed. You can follow the video narration for detailed explanation. Good luck with.

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