Crocheted Summer Poncho Pattern

Crocheted Summer Poncho Pattern

Crocheted Summer Poncho pattern for girls we offer wonderful poncho construction to our valued followers.

Poncho model is the most stylish accessory for girls. Complementing many clothes made in different colors.

It is a knitting technique that crochet lovers can easily do. The poncho models suitable for wedding and engagement dresses are comfortable for use in summer evenings and are the first choice of our mothers.

We think it is the easiest poncho construction for our new learners. You can apply it by watching the video narration. I want to make it easy for everyone who wants to do it.

Crocheted Summer Poncho Pattern

It is up to you to use rope in medium thickness and choose the rope.

3, 5 Number crochet use

The model is based on 90 chains. Let’s double the rope and pull the chain. Let’s combine the chain with the loop-shift technique. And let’s do the double railing on each chain. Let’s pull 3 chains again and make 3 double handrails, let’s pull 3 chains and skip two chains and make double handrails until half. In order to form the oblique part, we jump two chains that are empty between 3 chain floors between the two railings at the same point. In this section, video narration will help you. We do cord details and tassel details.

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Crocheted Summer Poncho Pattern video


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