Crocheted Spring Vest Pattern

Crocheted Spring Vest Pattern

The crocheted vest pattern you can easily make a vest model we offer to the appreciation of our valuable followers.

Knitting handicrafts continue to be the most beautiful handicrafts in summer and winter. Our guest in spring vest pattern today. I think that our mothers can enjoy doing a stylish vest with a tassel.

The crocheted vest may make the pattern in different colors. It is a model that will suit many clothes. It can be considered as an alternative to the feast.

For our friends who want to do video narration will be very useful. Our new learners can easily apply our model. Hope to be together again in different knitting patterns.

Crocheted Spring Vest Pattern

Spring vest construction

Suitable for ages 4 to 6 years.

Baby wool was preferred.

2.20 mm crochet use.

We have a total of 41 masts and we pull the chain and make a two-hand rail until the end. In the reverse of the knit we pull 6 chains and jump 3 stitches. We pull out three chains and we finish in the fourth place.

Let’s pull 3 chains in the other row. On the bottom of the 3 chains, let’s make 3 two-rail. Let’s do a two-hand rail on a pole. You can follow the video for detailed explanation. Good luck with.

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Crocheted Spring Vest Pattern video lecture


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