Crochet simple weave pattern

Crochet simple weave pattern

We offer our crocheted crochet samples to our esteemed followers for our ladies who continue to apply crochet simple weave patterns.

Crochet knitting technique can be used in many knitting in the cottage. Vest models can be made as long or short models. It could be considered Bolero. Since it is a perforated knitting model, it will go nice to the long weft model. Baby dress, baby vest, with different rope preference can do. How about making blouses with clear color and vivid color rope preference for yourself.

If you like crocheted knitting patterns, you can make a mesh bag from our great example. Women who understand the knitting work very well in many knitting techniques will evaluate our model. For example, you can have very nice cushions in different colors when you use a corner sofa in the houses with large balconies small details can make us look more pleasant.

Our new friends who want to learn and new learning can easily do with video narration. Our video explanations are very beneficial. Hope to be together again in the most beautiful narrations

Crochet simple weave pattern

Medium thickness rope was preferred. You can choose ip according to the model you want to do.

0.2.1 mm crochet was used. You can choose the crochet according to your hand and the thick and thin rope.

While building our model, 8 floors are formed from the number of +7 edge chains. In the model expression, the first row, which is explained in 50 samples, starts with the model. The sample progresses in 2 rows. We continue to weave with row repetition.

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Crochet simple weave pattern video lecture

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