Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pattern

Today we are together with a wonderful motif Pattern that will suit everywhere. Blankets, sofa shawls, vests, covers, ruffles, etc … you can evaluate many areas.

As a material, the preferred rope suitable for the knitting we will make and the crochet at the appropriate number are required. I am 2.5 mm with pink and white bebe wool. I’ve used Tig.

Let’s get to the construction … We start with the 12 tight pins we made into the magic ring. Let’s fix it per row and pull 4 chains. let’s wrap it 2 times and remove it in 3 moves so that there are 3 handrails at the same point.

Let’s do the same with the frequent needle right next to it. we repeat the same operation by pulling 12 chains and jumping on a needle, let’s finish the sequence in this way.

Let’s move on to the second color. 4. From one of the parts with a handrail.let’s fix it to the top, pull out 6 chains and fix it to the bottom. We take the rope on it and make 10 double handrails in the chain gap.

We pull two chains together and make 10 handrails again. Decoupage Next is the 4th of the six handrails.we complete our motif by fixing it to the sun and continuing in the same way. We also showed the addition in the video. You can reach a more detailed description by following.

You can find many motif Patterns like this on our website. In addition, if you are curious about its construction and send us the Patterns that you cannot solve, we will try to tell you as much as we can. Please do not forget to watch and like our videos for the continuity of our work.

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