Crochet Legend Knitting Pattern

Crochet Legend Knitting Pattern

Crochet myth knitting pattern multi-purpose and easy to make a crochet knit pattern can be used in vest construction.

For those who like crocheted knitting models, we are again with the beautiful knitting technique. You can make myth braid model as a long scarf with different rope preference. My ladies think that they know a lot of knitting techniques.

Our video explanations will be very helpful for my friends who learn new knitting models. You can easily apply our example. Hope to be together again in the most beautiful knitting patterns.

Crochet Legend Knitting Pattern

Less thin thickness was used.

3.5 Number crochet was used. You can choose the prone crochet choice.

When setting up the model, the number of 9 + + edge stitches is established from the chain number. The model expression is done by pulling 4 chains from 51 chains and pulling 5 chains from the bottom chain and 3 times out of the rails. The first step is knitted with a handrail.

As you move to the next row, 3 chains are drawn and the top chain is counted as the number of pins per chain. 1 chain is pulled to the bottom of the chain with 4-filled peanuts 1 pull the chain and the lower chain is made to 6 chains frequently needle. The first row is completed this way. When moving to a higher level, 5 handles are made with 3 chains. Two chains are added to the space between the two peanuts and 3 drawers are made with 5 pullers. The model is repeated and continued with the same process. Good luck with.

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Crochet Legend Knitting Pattern VİDEO LECTURE

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