Crochet Flat Beret Pattern

Crochet Flat Beret Pattern

Crochet Flat Beret Pattern
Hello friends we have prepared this video for friends who want to learn how to knit a crochet baby beret on request from you live on the mobile application of our site. First, we knit our plain beret in the color we want, then we can add patterns to different decorations according to our request. Below we have shared an example of decorating a flat beret pattern with a pattern described in the video. In the next narrative we will tell about the pattern of this ornament.
Note:We recommend this video for those who are just starting to knit a beret.
Make it easy for all of you.
Materials : Knitting rope and crochet (Crochet Does Not Matter No)
Pattern creation: We start our beret by pulling 5 chains and sinking them at the end and combining them. We complete the first row with a double or triple handrail pattern of 15-20 (it should be adjusted according to the desired size, details are available in the video) inside the resulting round. in the second row, we sink two times on each handrail and double our number of handrails (or for a smaller size than a single double pattern), then we double on 5-6 rows of pairs and continue to increase until our beret reaches the desired dimensions. The circumference is cm. as soon as it reaches the desired size, we continue to sink into each handrail one by one and continue to knit in this way until the height part corresponds to the size of an inch. If you are thinking of a rubber pattern on the edge, when it is 1-1.5 inches thick, we complete our beret by putting a frequent needle or a rubber pattern.
In the future, the main product of the patterns that we will knit with video narration will be the berets that we knit in this way. We will determine the decorations according to your wishes and continue the videos in this way.
I ask you to use our Dear Mother mobile application both to support us and to contact us faster when you have a question or a video request.
May it be easy for all of you


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