Crochet Cottage Knitting Pattern

Crochet Cottage Knitting Pattern

Crochet cottage knitting pattern with a great knitting pattern we offer to the appreciation of our valuable followers.

For knitting lovers, there is no winter, there are constantly new models to use and knit. Or gift. For the lovers of crochet we can use vest in summer, etol, shawl and scarf with thin rope.

You can apply our crocheted weave pattern as a blanket. Lovers of knit woofers can add different colors to your balcony or armchairs.

Video model to our friends who want to learn new model will benefit quite. You can visit our page for a lot of knitting models. Do not forget to click on the link in our article. Hope to be together again in the most beautiful knitting patterns.

Crochet Cottage Knitting Pattern

Use of medium-precision rope (you can choose the rope according to the model you want to make)

I used a number 3.5 crochet. You can choose from a crochet selection.

For Model 3’s side + edge railings, the chain is pulled.

First we pull 33 chains. Let’s pull 4 chains on it and let it be a 3-leg handrail on 5 chains. 3 chains pull the chain from the bottom and 3 chains into the bottom of the needle to draw 3 chains into a chain of 1 railing 1 chain is made of 1 rail.

In this way, continue to take 4 chains and 3 handles, let’s pull the chain, and the application of the four brakes on the edge continues. Let’s pull the 3 chains in the slot and let’s do the 6-piece handrails in this way.

Let’s take a chain, let’s move to the next row. Let’s make the needle into the chain. Let us draw a chain between 3 handles and 3 handles and draw a chain between the two handles. Let’s make a 4 rows of rails at the top with 3 chains. Let’s pull 3 chains and pull two chains between the double peanuts into the slot. In this way we follow the order to apply our model. Good luck with.

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Crochet Cottage Knitting Patternv video lecture

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