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Collar Start Patty Vest Free Pattern

Collar Start Patty Vest Free Pattern

Beginning from the collar with a pattern of vest with gusset is a beautiful knit vest model that you can make for Tunisian girls and boys. Baby vests are the clothes of the knitting group that our ladies use most in children. Vest models, which are easy to make, are made quite a lot among those who love hand labor. Prospective mothers make more than one vest model with a choice of colors suitable for girls and boys. Baby vests are used for almost four seasons.

Knitted baby vest models have many examples on our page. You can find different models and techniques in vest models. You can examine our models as their video narration. Goodbye, hope to be together again in new knitting models.

Collar Start Patty Vest Model Making

Suitable for ages 1 and 2.

It is a V-necked model that starts from the collar.

The width of the vest model is 30 inches

Length 35 inches from shoulder to skirt

22 inches to the skirt under the arm

Baby wool as rope

4 mm Tunu skewer was used.

First, let’s pull 50 chains, and increase 1 and remove 2 loops, increase 1, remove 10 loops, we have adjusted the front, and the arm part,

Let’s increase it again and knit 2 stitches and increase it again and remove 20 stitches for the back, increase 1 and 2 intermediate stitches again and increase 10 stitches for the arm, then increase and 2 intermediate stitches for the last front stitch

Let’s make the Tunisian technique and remove the loops and come to the beginning. The yoke part is made with the model augmentation technique. You can easily do it by watching the video narration for its detailed construction. Good luck with.

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Collar Start Patched Vest Model Making VIDEO EXPRESSION


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