Cloudy baby vest pattern

Cloudy baby vest pattern

Cloudy baby vest pattern is the most simple and beautiful model of baby vests. Our cloudy baby vest is very easy to use, and we offer it to our esteemed followers.

Baby vests are among the most used baby clothes. Almost four seasons are used. When we awakened from sleep, dressed thinly, in cool weather, when we were out in the evening, mothers preferred vests. I think you can do it with a cloudy baby vest. As the cloud detail adds to the distinct elegance, it will be more enjoyable. I like the cloudy baby vest model, which I like quite a lot. It will be among the knitting models that we can do within our own children. Hope to be together again in the new video narration ..

Cloudy baby vest pattern

İp Nako Elit Baby

Skewer Number 4 was preferred.

4 Pcs button

Suitable for 6 months old babies.

I started with 74 stitches and wore up to 4 teeth. Then we made 7 stitch button harosha tire 1 stitch increased and 10 stitches for the front knit 1 stitched 3 stitches reverse knit and again 1 stitch by increasing the stitch to 12 stitches as the stump and 1 stitch to increase 3 stitches by repeating a stitch again 17 stitched back knit Then I increased the number of 1 knitted 1 by increasing the number of 1 knot and 1 again by increasing the number of 7 loops for the buttonhole. We erected the cloud and other embroidery on it. Good luck with..

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Cloudy baby vest pattern video lecture


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