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children’s vest with bow and daisy pattern

children’s vest with bow and daisy pattern

our horse vest pattern, which is very useful and beautiful for girls, is to your liking.

There are quite a lot of vest patterns that are indispensable in the winter and autumn seasons. Especially in children, vest patterns are among the preferences of our mothers thanks to the complementary and practical clothing of both clothing dec must-haves.

Braids are indispensable for our ladies who can. No need to give gifts, we have our own children or ladies who take orders. A girl’s horse vest can be the pattern you are looking for. The fact that the patterns have a video description will make it very easy for you.

You can knit it in different colors and with the desired yarn brand preference. Your skewer preference will vary depending on the thickness and thinness of the rope. On the back of the label of the rope you received, it is shown how many numbers will be knitted with a skewer. The other detail is that the setting of your hand is important.

I am already sending my wishes to our friends who want to create a pattern very easily. Goodbye to see you again on new knitting patterns.

The snowball and spike rope brand has been preferred for our vest.

The use of skewers number 4

Exactly 1 ball of rope is gone.

i started from the front with 39 loops, knitted 22 loops and returned to the other rows, adding 2 loops and 2 loops to the return pattern, I knitted in this way until there were 3 loops left, 3 loops left, 1 loop thessaloniki, the other two loops continued with harosha.

After the seat cut was finished, I patterned the collar cut, then I continued the knitting up to the shoulder, and then I looped the back for the nape of the neck and knitted it up to the seat.

I cut out the increase pattern on the seat and the increase pattern every 10 rows when there were 50 rows of seats.

I added the front ones by sewing them together, I sewed the sides, I removed the loops from the harosha next to the thessaloniki loop from both front ones, I increased the loops between each loop, I knitted the ruffles, I decked them with flowers.

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