Candy Candy Vest Pattern

Candy Candy Vest Pattern

Bonbon Candy Vest Pattern is a great knitting pattern for boys and girls. It is quite easy to make the model is waiting for the appreciation of our valuable followers.

Our ladies taking orders can apply a sample of candy sugar which we think will be a very different baby vest model.

For those who love two knitting patterns, a great waistcoat model is waiting for you. We think the gift is a different model for your kids. We offer you video narration for you. It is a vest model that our new learning friends can easily do. Goodbye to the best knitting techniques again ..

Candy Candy Vest Pattern

Roba model started from the collar was applied.

Wooden button is used.

1.5 floss baby rope was used.

Use of 3,5 or 4 skewers

Let’s start with 70 stitches and knit 4 teeth. They can do marrow work on the left side for boys. The first 4 stitch harosha knit the bottle once wrapped around 5, 6 stitches knit together 7 stitch harosha and 7 stitch flat knit knit is a total of 14 stitches front body. Separation use of the brackets, the process of increasing the arm to separate the 9 stitches for the arm separator insert, let’s do a hidden increase to the back body we have 20 stitches. Again, we add brackets again, let’s do a secret increase again, let’s separate 9 stitches for the right arm, let’s make a hidden increase, weave the remaining stitches for the front part.

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Candy Candy Vest Pattern video

Elif pirenvise baby Thanks to this beautiful vest model for my braids channel.

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