Burma Knit Vest Pattern

Burma Knit Vest Pattern

You can use our knitting model which is easy and visually beautiful for many people who are looking for different types of Burma knit vest pattern.

You can apply any kind of vest and blanket beanie tire model plus shawl and booties.

We offer you a video with a narrative description. Our video will be very easy for our friends who want to learn new.

We are trying to explain the twisting technique you can use as a multi-purpose knitting models for you to use the very beautiful models with the best wishes to be together again in the best knitting models.

Burma Knit Vest Pattern

The rope may vary depending on the weave pattern you want to make.

The skewer number may vary depending on the thickness and thickness of the rope.

I applied the two-wheel model on the tire. Our model consists of six loops, 1, 2, 3 of the number of stitches between them, as desired. Burma model is done only during the process of making a burst of the other rows in a row, the reverse order of the reverse order of plain knitting. I made an impression for those who want to make a vest on the tire. You will love the very nice and simple binary burma model. For those who want to make it easy already.

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Burma Knit Vest Pattern video lecture


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