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The Pattern of the Bride’s Vest

The Pattern of the Bride’s Vest

The Pattern of the Bride’s Vest

We have shared with you the detailed video description of the bride’s vest (fan Pattern) made with fan knitting Pattern from beginning to end in this video.
Hello dear knitting lovers, we have researched the bride’s vest that receives the most requests for you, we have made a video description for you, one of the braids that we use the most is the vest that we all use very fondly. We made a video narration for you to do as well, we thought you would like it, we hope you will like it.
Necessary materials for our vest
1. 4. Yumak alize angora rope
2. crochet No. 2
That’s it
Our vest is a size 40-42
The front 90th row of the chain is the first row of the handrail, the return is the same as the 3rd row of frequent pins 4. Row 6 handrails 5 chain spaces 10 handrails the same point also leaves 10 handrails between them Our same process Pattern is 10 and decples of the edges over 5 handrails front 9 Pattern over
The same process we did on the back si 175 chain front is on the 17 Pattern Width vest complete 50 cm length 70 cm
We recommend that you use the size measurement table, where you can increase or decrease the number of measurements according to the desired size.
table of body dec between 3 months and 6 years old
Adult size size chart
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You can find the narrated video of the fan Pattern bridal vest that received the most requests below. Dear friends, do not forget to add the @canimannecom tag when sharing the vest Patterns you knit.


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