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Brass Twisted Pink Vest Knitting Pattern Free

Brass Twisted Pink Vest Knitting Pattern Free

Twist pair Pink Baby vest Knitting Pattern Free. Collar, sleeve, skirt Gray Vest Pink knitted. Double knit baby set with baby hat and suit vest and baby beanie.

First, let’s state this. You can see the description of the beret model you have seen in the video by clicking on the Hair Knitting Baby Beanie link here.

Double auger model With brass knitting, thinner stitches were sewn using one on the beret.

Twisted baby vest model, on the other hand, is made with brass knitting in the vest model and placed a double twist pattern in front.

Twisted double baby vest model is completely made of brass knitting and prepared by placing only auger pattern.

To prepare this model, Bir Yumak Snowball Baby One knitting yarn, about 10 grams of light gray knitting yarn was used, and it was explained with 3 and a half number skewers.
When the model is completed, 5 buttons are sewn and it is ready for use. Those who do not prefer buttons here can also sew a snap without leaving the buttonhole.

The twist double baby vest model, which starts with gray color from the collar, is 29 cm wide and 24 cm in size, and the baby vest model is made and described for 9-12 months, just like the beret.
Resources: Video belongs to Hamarat Baby Channel.

Brass Twisted Pink Vest Knitting Pattern Free


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