Bargello Towel Processing

Bargello Towel Processing

Bargello towel processing technique is among the indispensable models of dolls which are very stylish. Towel processing techniques are used especially in our girls’ word packs and the handwork is quite the most precious part.

Toweling techniques are a great visualization for those who like to deal with. In most cases it will be the most valuable gift we can take as a gift. What do you think of making a bargello model towel together that we can do for the use of the house gift, mother’s day, birthday, and hospitality in our own home?

Bargello model towel technique, our friends who want to learn video narration will be quite useful. You can apply with different color preferences. Hope to be together again in the newest video narrations.

Bargello Towel Processing

3 colors of rope were used.

1 Towels

Etamin needle and scissors

First of all you can fold our towels and find the middle part and place our model. It is a very easy model for our new friends. The model can start with 5 lines first, then two 4-way transitions, two-by-three-pass switching. It is an ongoing example. You can follow the detailed construction. My friends who will make it easy already, I’m conveying my wishes.

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Bargello Towel Processing video lecture


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