Baby vest pattern with bunny

Baby vest pattern with bunny

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Rabbit baby vest pattern is a great vest pattern for boys and girls awaits the appreciation of our valued followers. We think that our loving crocheted ladies can make a stylish vest pattern that can attract children’s attention with the rabbit detail that is very easy to make.

Rabbit detailed vest pattern can make in boys with different color preference.

It is a very easy crochet vest model among our friends who want to learn new. Video narration will be very helpful. Goodbye to the new beautiful knitting models again ..

Baby vest pattern with bunny

Suitable for 2, 2,5 Age.

Medium thickness rope preference

Thick crochet preference

The technique of the model is the railing technique.

To begin with, we fold two layers of rope, starting with 60 stitches and pulling the chain. Let’s go to one floor and do the double railing application. In the second row augmentation process is performed, let’s draw 3 chains and make augmentation from the first hole Let’s make a 6c railing in the 5-handrail, in this order we apply the same process. 5 Handrails 6 c railing into the 5 ci railing and increasing the process until the end of the queue. The robe part of the vest model is completed until the robe part is completed. You can watch the video for detailed explanation of arm separation, back and front parts

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Baby vest pattern with bunny video


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