Baby Vest Bud Pattern Free

Baby Vest Bud Pattern Free

This sharing will also be a very nice model for boys using a tummy vest appropriate color tone for babies and kids who are giving place to buds with baby buoys.

The vest models, which are the indispensable of all seasons, are among the sine qua non of baby clothes. The most used baby vests are models that our mothers love. Our new model buds model vest construction is appreciated by you.

A great baby vest model for knitting models is waiting for you. Baby vests made as a gift will be the most beautiful gift for newborn baby visits. If you are looking for a different model, our bud model will be the model of the vest you are looking for.

It is a model you can easily do by watching the video narration. Detailed narration is available. Hope to be together again in new and beautiful models.

Baby Jacket Bud Model Making
Baby Jacket Bud Model Details And Construction
Materials for buds with buds

Our budding baby vest
We recommend that you look at the child size chart for the age of 2 to 3 years.

2 Yumak alize baby best
4-4.5 Number of skewers
5 Pcs middle size button
Crochet for making buds
Our budding baby vest first started in a front part
39 We started by knitting
7 Backslashes 1 Reverse
4 Bowknot Straight 1 Bowknot Reverse 9 Straight 1 Reverse 9 Straight 1 Reverse 9 Straight 1 Reverse 6 Straight We are making.
The length of the armpit will be about 25 cm long. We are doing 6 stitches for our 6 stitches and 6 stitches are knitted.
We go through knitting all the stitches in each row and cut 1 loop under the seat and cut a total of 12 stitches.
As we do in the collar, we cut the collar and cut the 19 stitches.
The remaining 20 stitches are cut to the desired size.

Front 2 will be mutually opposite

For the rear
72 We started by throwing loops
Sides are making in the form of 1 stitch in the form of 5 stitches 9 loops between the sides 1
We do not put the model at the back part of Thessaloniki and harosa knitting 25 cm in length we do undercuts as we do ahead of the two sides we cut a total of 24 stitches from the left and right we complete our vest by sewing.

For more details, we ask you to watch the video.
In the video we have told all the details, but we would like to pass the summary. Baby vests for different models you can click our link.

Baby vest bud model making video you can watch from here.


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