Baby Dress Pattern

Baby Dress Pattern

We offer a stylish knitted dress pattern with baby skirt tip detail to the appreciation of our valued followers. How to knit our dress pattern which is easy to make and has a very nice visual?

Our mothers with daughters and grand mothers with daughters can apply this beautiful knit dress pattern with video narration.

In the dress model, cauliflower knitting technique was used in the tip detail. Video description of the pattern is available on our page.

We will have nice work among our friends who take order from knitting pattern. Click on our link to reach different dress pattern on our page. See you on new pattern.

Baby Dress Pattern

Suitable for 1 Age.

37 inches long

The width is 26, 5 inches.

A little more than 1 ball of baby wool was used as rope.

Number 4 use of skewers

Haraşo knitting, Thessaloniki knitting, plain knitting technique was used.

Starting from the skirt tip. Cauliflower model is applied at the end. Starting with 91 stitches, weave 2 teeth harosha, let’s take the first stitch blank, weave two stitches together and weave two stitches together 3 times in total. Wrap the bottle in total and weave 6 times flat. Let’s knit the two remaining two loops together to complete the sequence. We have done the process of subtraction and augmentation, let’s weave it together 6 times in 2 pairs again, and apply the augmentation process again 6 times. Let’s complete the order in this way

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Baby Dress Pattern video

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