An interesting Ata Yelgi Modell | 10. Model (1/5)

An interesting Ata Yelgi Modell | 10. Model (1/5)

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In the Knitting Design channel we have knitting lessons for beginners, how to knit knitting lessons, and various clues and knitting examples. Apart from this, the videotape of the weave model is published at 9 o’clock every day on weekdays. We prepare 1 new weave pattern every week and we tell it every weekday until the finest detail and tricky points of you as the chapter section, the last stalk from the first loop. In our channel, we have prepared and weaving knitting models for babies, baby jackets, baby clothes, baby vests, knitted dresses, various jile models, patten models, skirt models for babies, bare models, weft and bare models, coats and blanket models. If you like our videos, do not forget to subscribe to our channel free of charge to make sure you do not miss the likes button at the bottom of the video and not miss new videos. Finally, we read every comment you write under your videotape and we answer your questions. That’s why you can ask us any questions you have in mind.

Işıl Balaban
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An interesting Ata Yelgi Modell | 10. Model (1/5)


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