Amigurumi Pacifier Chain Pattern

Amigurumi Pacifier Chain Pattern

Amigurumi pacifier chain pattern is among the most preferred by our mothers. In infants, pacifiers are mostly used. Because the chain detail is quite important, I think our mothers are among the amigurumi choices. Since it is very elegant and handmade, it will be a little more durable. Preferences vary by person.

Amigurumi pacifier chain how to do it for our friends in detail in the video narration we have explained quite easy name beads are preferred you can choose different beads. Color will vary for girls and boys. We look forward to watching the video narration of our women who want to learn. It will be our most precious gift to ourselves and our loved ones. Hope to be together again in the new video narration.

Amigurumi Pacifier Chain Pattern

Bebe was knitted with wool. You can choose any rope you want.

2.20 mm use of crochet, you can prefer prone to your hand.

6 mm locked eye use

Wooden beads and clips


Rabbit construction is being made first.

We’re making 6 frequent injections into the magic community. Twice as 12 frequent needles. We are making 1 single 1 pair of frequent needles in total. 2 single 1 pairs of frequent needles and 24 frequent needles, 3 single 1 pairs of needles in total we have reached 30 frequent needles, for a detailed explanation and to learn the installation of other beads by watching the video narration can know. Good luck with.

Just click on our link for making amigurumi, crochet, weave and more. We are very happy if you support us with social accounts. Your sharing is very important for the continuity of the video narration.

Amigurumi Pacifier Chain Pattern video lecture


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