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5 knitting knitting needles pattern free video

5 knitting knitting needles pattern free video

New patterns and knitting of women’s gloves. On this page, 5 knitting needles openwork Fingerless women’s gloves pattern is shown.

How to knit women’s gloves? The answer to the question and all the construction stages are shown here Step by Step on the page.

Knitting needles knitting women’s gloves pattern is shown in 2 videos. In the first video of the pattern, the openwork part of the wrist elastic of the glove and the part reserved for the thumb are shown.

In the other second video, 5 needle knitted knitting gloves without fingers and the rest of the openwork pattern is shown.

It starts from 49 stitches of rope from the wrist band. The loops are divided on 4 skewers, the wrist rubber of the Glove is made with a single rubber.

For the production stages of the Women’s Glove pattern, Nako luxury Baby Knitting yarns were used, and 5 Needle Gloves were prepared with number 2.5 sock needles.
In children’s glove patterns, you can reduce the number of loops when you start from the wrist and knit the upper part accordingly.

5 Needle Woman Glove Pattern Videos


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